Sulphur Black 240%-Sulphur Black Crystal

Sulphur black denim dyeing is very popular, factories use sulphur black 240%, sulphur black 220% in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Sulphur black crystal or powder sulphur black we produce two kinds of shade: sulphur black bluish and sulphur black reddish. We have ZDHC LEVEL 3 and GOTS certificate. Liquid sulphur black also give you more choice for textile dyeing.

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Sulphur Black 240% is the highest concentration of sulphur black dye, It is a dark black color with high colorfastness properties, making it suitable for dyeing fabrics that require long-lasting and fade-resistant black color. Sulfur dyes are a type of dye known for their bright and vibrant colors. They are commonly used in the dyeing of cellulose fibers such as cotton, as well as other natural and synthetic fibers. Sulfur dyes are known for their excellent wash and light fastness properties, making them a popular choice for textiles that require long-lasting color. Additionally, they are also cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Shinning sulphur black is not water soluble sulphur black.

Sulphur Black has sulphur black b and sulphur black br, two kinds are different by shade. BR means reddish in shade. B means bluish shade. Both sulphur black bluish and sulphur black reddish are welcomed by customers.

Sulphur black grannular is big shinning crystals sulphur black, this type of sulphur dye is known for its excellent wash and light fastness, meaning the color remains vibrant and resistant to fading even after repeated washing and exposure to sunlight. It is commonly used in the production of various black textiles, such as denim, work wear, and other garments where long-lasting black color is desired.

Efforts are being made to develop more sustainable and eco-friendly dyeing processes and alternatives to sulphur dyes. So ZDHC and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) are the certifications that ensures the organic status of textiles.


1.Shinning sulphur black.

2.Powder sulphur black

3.Sulphur black denim dyeing

4.ZDHC LEVEL 3 and GOTS certificate.


Suitable fabric: Sulphur Black can be used for dyeing both 100% cotton denim and cotton-polyester blends. It is particularly popular for traditional indigo denim, as it helps achieve dark and intense black shades.


Produce Name SULPHUR BLACK 240%
CAS NO. 1326-82-5
C.I. NO. Sulphur Black 1
COLOUR SHADE Reddish; Bluish


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