Shiny Black Crystal Nigrosine Acid Black 2

Introducing our range of high quality and reliable dye products specially designed for Incense and Mosquito Coils, we proudly present our Nigrosine MS Conc Powder, Acid Nigrosine MS Conc, Acid Black 2, Nigrosine black Shiny Crystal, nigrosine acid black, Aniline Black acid black dye. Acid Black 2 has many names, which is mentioned as above.

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Acid Black 2 is a acid black dye commonly used in the textile industry to dye natural and synthetic fibers such as cotton, wool and nylon. Belongs to acid dyes, water-soluble, can be applied to a variety of materials.

Acid Black 2 is known for its high color strength and good light and wash fastness properties. When applied to fabrics, it produces a deep black color and is therefore widely used for dyeing dark colored textiles. It can also be combined with other dyes to create a variety of shades.

In addition to its use in textiles, Acid Black 2 can also be found in certain cosmetics, such as hair dyes and colorants.


Produce Name Nigrosine
CAS NO. 8005-03-6
C.I. NO. Acid Black 2


Our Acid Black 2 is a versatile dye with excellent solubility and color strength. It dissolves easily in water, making it ideal for textile applications where vibrant, long-lasting color is desired. It differs from other acid dyes that it can be used as incense dyes and mosquito coils dyes. Whether you are producing incense sticks or mosquito repellent coils, our Acid Black 2 will impart a deep, rich black hue.


our nigrosine acid black 2 offer versatile solutions for a variety of applications, exceeding expectations for incense and mosquito coil manufacturing. Its exceptional color strength and stability make it an excellent choice for achieving consistent color distribution throughout a product. This dye ensures that every incense stick or mosquito coil you produce will look perfect and attractive.

If you are looking for a glossy and sophisticated black shade, our Aniline Black Sparkling Crystal is your answer. This dye has been carefully processed to produce a special crystal structure that produces a unique luster that will add a touch of elegance to your textile goods. Aniline black shiny crystals not only give the product an attractive look, but also enhance the overall quality of the product, making it stand out from the competition.

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