Iron Oxide Black 27 Application On Plastic And Resin

Introducing our advanced premium Iron Oxide Black 27, also called Black Iron Oxide, the ultimate solution for all your ceramic, glass and coloring needs. Specifically engineered to deliver superior results and function, our Black Iron Oxide combines affordability, reliability and versatility.

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Iron oxide black uses the most precise formulations to produce Fe3O4 purity of 98% or better. This high level of purity ensures that your ceramic products are free of any impurities or unwanted elements, creating a flawless and high-quality finish. Additionally, our advanced manufacturing techniques assure consistent particle size for easy, precise application.

Iron Oxide Black 27 is designed to withstand high temperatures without losing its color properties. This means our product retains its black color even after being fired at high temperatures, guaranteeing consistent and stunning results. This exceptional heat resistance ensures that your ceramic piece retains its beauty and charm throughout its lifespan.

One of the key characteristics of our black iron oxide is its high concentration of iron, making it an excellent source of iron in a variety of ceramic applications. Whether you are in pottery, tile production or any other ceramic activity, our products will meet all your requirements to provide the best source of iron. This ensures your ceramic creations have the strength, durability and aesthetics they need.


Produce Name Iron Oxide Black 27
Other Names Pigment Black 27
CAS NO. 68186-97-0


Our products guarantee unrivaled results and satisfaction with features such as:
High iron concentration
Rich black color
Heat resistance
Exceptional purity


An important aspect to consider in ceramic applications is the color development of the glaze. Iron Oxide Black 27 plays a vital role in this, providing a rich and deep black color that enhances the visual appeal of ceramic products. The intense black tones achieved by our products will enhance the overall look and make your creation stand out from the competition.

But the applications of Iron Oxide Black 27 are not limited to ceramics. Our product also acts as a special printing pigment dye, making it ideal for a variety of printing and coloring purposes. Furthermore, its versatility extends to paint manufacturing, where it can be used as a pigment to bring vivid and attractive colors to your paint products. High quality color rendering, heat resistance and purity make it an excellent choice for excellent results in the printing and painting industries.

Iron Oxide Black 27 can be used as pigment powders for plastic applications. Its compatibility with plastic materials allows for seamless integration, providing an easy and effective way to incorporate vibrant color into your plastic creations. Whether you're manufacturing plastics or molding them, our iron oxide black powder will undoubtedly exceed your expectations, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colors.

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