Direct Yellow 12 For Paper Uses

Introducing our newest product, Direct Chrysophenine GX. Specially formulated for paper use, this high-quality powder is known for its vibrant yellow color and exceptional properties. It is also known as Direct Yellow 12 or Direct Yellow 101 due to its chemical composition.

Our Direct Rhubarb GX (also known as Direct Yellow 12 or Direct Yellow 101) is a special powder dye formulated for paper use. It provides a vibrant and stable yellow color, ideal for a variety of paper applications. Its versatility, light fastness and consistent quality make it ideal for manufacturers and publishers looking to improve the quality of their paper products. Trust the superior performance of our Direct Chrysophenine GX powder to bring a sunny feel to your paper creations.

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Direct Yellow 12 or Direct Yellow 101 is a powerful dye that belongs to the family of direct dyes. Its other name is direct chrysophenine GX, Chrysophenine G, direct yellow G. Chrysophenine G chemical formula is extremely stable and provides consistent results. This makes it perfect for a variety of paper applications, enhancing the visual appeal of your projects.


Produce Name Direct Chrysophenine GX
CAS NO. 2870-32-8
C.I. NO. Direct Yellow 12


One of the key benefits of our Direct Yellow 12 is its versatility. It can be applied to a variety of paper substrates including coated, uncoated and recycled. This makes it ideal for manufacturers and publishers as it can be used in a wide variety of paper product lines. From textbooks and brochures to gift wrap and wallpaper, the possibilities are endless.

In addition, this Direct Yellow 12 powder has excellent lightfastness and fade resistance, ensuring your paper products maintain their vibrant appearance over time. Whether they are exposed to natural or artificial light, you can be confident that our products will maintain their color integrity, providing the longevity our customers demand.

Furthermore, our Direct Yellow 12 is manufactured with the utmost precision and adheres to quality standards. We understand the importance of color consistency, and we pride ourselves on delivering products that consistently meet and exceed expectations. Our strict quality control measures guarantee that each batch of dye is of the highest quality, ensuring your paper products achieve that perfect shade of yellow every time.



Our Direct Yellow 12 Powder for Paper making has been specially developed to meet the growing needs of the paper making industry. Whether you need to add a splash of sunny yellow to notebooks, wrapping or specialty paper, this product will provide the vibrant hue you're looking for. Its finely ground particles ensure easy dispersion in the paper fibers, resulting in an even and intense colouration.

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