Acid Yellow 36 Color For Textiles

We are pleased to bring you Acid Yellow 36, an excellent azo-based dye that can revolutionize your pH monitoring experience. Not only is this special yellow powder soluble in water, it also acts as an ideal pH indicator, providing precise and accurate results. Whether you work in the textile industry or academic research, Acid Yellow 36 is an indispensable tool that will undoubtedly exceed your expectations.

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Acid Yellow 36 is an excellent product combining several excellent properties. Acid yellow 36 composition is special. Its solubility in water, combined with its extraordinary pH indicator capabilities and mesmerizing color changes, make this dye an invaluable asset across a variety of industries. Acid yellow 36 color is reddish yellow. Whether you want to add a touch of brilliance to textiles or require precise pH monitoring for breakthrough research, Acid Yellow 36 has you covered.


Produce Name Acid metanil yellow
CAS NO. 587-98-4
C.I. NO. Acid Yellow 36


One of the most outstanding features of Acid Yellow 36 is its ability to change color. This dye has an attractive transition from red to yellow and serves as a visual representation of various pH levels. Witness the dramatic transition of Acid Yellow 36 between pH 1.2 and 2.3, providing you with an intuitive, real-time assessment of the acidity of your sample. This feature enables fast-response analysis, ensuring efficient decision-making in a wide range of domains.

Acid Yellow 36 was developed with attention to detail and has a unique composition. Through the careful fusion of advanced scientific principles and industry needs, the dye exhibits unrivaled stability and reliability. Unlike similar products, Acid Yellow 36 maintains vibrant color and consistent performance even under demanding conditions. This exceptional durability ensures that your pH monitoring process remains accurate and reliable even in the most challenging environments.


The versatility of Acid Yellow 36 makes it the first choice for many industries. In the textile industry, Acid Yellow 36 is game-changing. Its bright and lively colors give the fabric an alluring dynamism, ensuring beautiful designs catch the eye.

Quality Insurance

As Acid Yellow 36 is synonymous with quality, we take great pride in adhering to strict manufacturing standards. Our manufacturing process guarantees the highest purity and consistency of this exceptional dye, ensuring that every batch meets and exceeds your expectations. We know your work depends on precision, so we've invested a lot of resources in delivering quality Acid Yellow 36 that you can trust without hesitation.

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