Acid Red 18 Used For The Textile Industry

Are you looking for reliable and efficient dyes for the textile industry? Look no further! Introducing Acid Red 18, a versatile dye sure to revolutionize your textile production process. Acid Red 18, known under various names such as Acid Scarlet 3R and Acid Brilliant Scarlet 3R, is a game changer in the textile industry.

Acid Red 18 is the ultimate choice for the textile industries. With its exceptional versatility, vibrant colors and eco-friendly properties, it is certainly a dye to take your products to new heights. Experience the wonders of Acid Red 18 and witness the transformation of your textiles into mesmerizing masterpieces. Don’t miss this great opportunity to enhance your production process – choose Acid Red 18 today!

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Primarily intended for textile dyeing, Acid Red 18 is available in an impressive range of vibrant and long lasting colours, making it ideal for all your fabric dyeing needs. Whether you're working with natural fibers like cotton and silk or synthetics like polyester, Acid Red 18 ensures excellent dye uptake and color retention. The dye has excellent compatibility with a wide variety of textile substrates, ensuring consistent and stunning results every time.


Produce Name acid brilliant scarlet 3r
CAS NO. 2611-82-7
C.I. NO. Acid Red 18


What sets Acid Red 18 apart from other dyes is its unique formulation and chemical properties. Due to its high solubility in water, Acid Red 18 exhibits excellent dyeing properties, enabling uniform coloring of all textiles and traditional crafts. The dye's mild acidity ensures optimal dye absorption, promoting excellent color saturation, allowing you to easily achieve your desired shade.

In addition, Acid Red 18 is a safe and environmentally friendly choice in your production process. Manufactured using the latest eco-friendly technology, this water-based dye minimizes its harmful impact on the environment while still delivering outstanding results. Its non-toxic properties ensure the health of your workers as well as the end users of textiles and crafts.


But Acid Red 18 isn't limited to textiles. Customers from Southeastern Asia use acid red 18 as Superstitious paper dyes and incense dye. Known for its use in superstition paper dye and incense dyeing, this versatile dye brings life and vibrancy to these age-old practices. Its rich depth of color and excellent light fastness ensure that superstition paper and incense products retain their bright hues for a long time.

As a leading supplier of Acid Red 18, we understand the changing needs of the textile and traditional craft industries. Therefore, our products follow the highest quality standards to ensure your satisfaction. We offer Acid Red 18 in various quantities to suit businesses of all sizes. The package of acid red 18 can be 25kg woven bags, 25kg carton boxes, 25kg sliver or black iron drums, etc. Our client-centric approach guarantees timely delivery and assistance to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

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