Acid Red 14 Application the leather industries

Elevate the craftsmanship of your leather products with the exceptional Acid Red 14 CI dye. This fantastic product was designed to revolutionize the way the leather industry dyes materials. The amazing water solubility of Acid Red 14 ensures impeccable coloring and unrivaled vibrancy.

We know leather artisans strive for perfection. That’s why we developed Acid Red 14, a dye that sets new standards in leather dyeing. Our products embody quality, innovation and reliability, making them the first choice of professionals worldwide.

Witness the transformative power of Acid Red 14 with a host of professionals. Elevate your craftsmanship, revolutionize your leather products and become a trendsetter in the industry. Let Acid Red 14 be your partner in creating captivating and inspiring leather goods. Experience the difference today!

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Acid Red 14 has many names, customers used to call it acid carmoisine, carmoisine red, carmoisine b or acid red b. Acid red 14 is available in a range of attractive shades, allowing you to unleash your creativity and produce visually stunning leather goods. Whether you want a deep carmine or a more muted hue, our versatile dyes can suit all your color preferences. The possibilities for creating unique and stunning leather masterpieces are endless.


Produce Name Acid carmoisine red
CAS NO. 3567-69-9
C.I. NO. Acid Red 14


Water solubility is the key to the excellent performance of Acid Red 14 CI. Unlike other dyes on the market, our products are easily soluble in water, ensuring easy application and even dye penetration. No more worries about uneven color or unsatisfactory results. With Acid Red 14, impeccable staining results are guaranteed.

But Acid Red 14 offers more than just great color. Its formula provides long-lasting results, ensuring your leather products remain vibrant and attractive over time. The dye penetrates deep into the leather fibers, creating a strong and permanent bond.


Acid red 14 can be used in leather industries, and it can also be used in coloring wool, even in medicine and food. Acid Red 14 was formulated with environmental sustainability in mind. We have developed a non-toxic formula that is safe to use and minimizes potential harm to the environment. Our commitment to environmentally friendly production enables you to create beautiful leather goods while reducing your ecological footprint.

Whether you're an established leather maker or a passionate artisan, Acid Red 14 CI offers you new levels of creative possibility. Its water solubility, attractive shades, long-lasting effects make it the ultimate choice for leather dyeing.

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